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Bike Brands

With so many bicycle brands out there, we've really done our homework to choose the ones that live up to what our customers have been telling us they love for years. Our lineup includes everything from handy e-bikes, rugged adventure bikes, timeless steel and touring models, to top-of-the-line performance bikes that stand out from the rest. We're genuinely excited to share this carefully chosen collection with you.

The #1 Fear we Hear From Customers

We completely understand – the biggest concern for our customers is the fear of purchasing an incredible bike and then, unfortunately, not using it. This could be due to the bike not suiting them perfectly, or the challenge of discovering exciting locations and companions for cycling. However, we’re here to support you! This is precisely the reason we introduced our exceptional Comfort Guarantee and fully committed to Community Outreach. Eager to begin? Continue scrolling to discover how we’re devoted to making you absolutely love your new bike from the Bike Lab!

Proper Sizing and Demo Ride

The first thing we do when you come to the Bike Lab is use our Retul Match system to make sure we are looking at the right bike sizes. It also gives us a great demo seat height, that way as you try different bikes you feel the difference between them better. 

Comfort Guarantee

Assembly is only half the job when it comes to getting a new bike. That why we give a 50% discount credit towards our Retul Fitting Services for every new bike Purchase. This process gives you a custom connection with your bike making sure it’s setup just right. 

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Bike Lab Riding Club

When it comes to finding the places and people to ride with we love helping our new riders. With the BIke Lab Club there is a vibrant riding community of every style and ability for you to meet. We are also tightly connected to things happening in and around OKC, so we can aways help you find the right trail or group of people to ride with. 

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Why we chose Salsa Bikes?

Adventure makes life better. Salsa bikes were developed from the ground up with this belief and you can feel it on every ride.  

Locally Owned - Professional Services

We are passionate about making sure your bicycle is riding great every time. Professional Assembly and Inspection on every new bike we build up, Quality Service & Repair and Retul Bike Fitting Services.

Bike being serviced

Bike Service

Our expert technicians are here to help with all of your bike service needs.

Rider getting a bike fit

Bike Fitting

Maximize your output, increase efficiency, and feel better on every ride.

Rider on a rental bike

Bike Trade-In

Whether you’re visiting or want to try a new style of riding, we have a bike for you.

Refresh Your Ride

Bring your bike to us and we’ll help you choose the perfect selection of parts and accessories to make your bike shine all year long.

Premium Bicycles, Gear, & Apparel

Shop top brands at great prices by category.




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Get In Touch

We're here to answer all of your cycling-related questions. Stop by or give us a call today!