Bike Lab 30 Day Summer Fitness Challenge

Last year Specialized had a 30 Day Challenge and we loved it, so this year we are going to do our own! You can sign up below and every day you will get an approachable workout that can help get you moving, burning calories, and using the Summer weather to get fit. Your Daily Workout Could Include:

  • A Bike Ride: We will have the consistent option of a 30-60 minute cardio ride.
  • A Walk: Get your step counter out! If you like counting steps there will be challengers through out the 60 days. 
  • Yoga Routine: It not only helps your body feel great, a simple yoga routine can add balance and strength to everyday. 
  • Body Weight Exercises: Standing Squats, Wall Push ups, Planks, Walking Stairs, and more!
  • Nutrition: How to fuel for workouts, and tips on small changes that make a big difference for weight loss!
  • Fun Extras: We will be having some fun too!

Here are some fun examples from Last Year's 60 Day Challenge