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Tony and his son

Tony S. 


  • Sales
  • Retul Fit Expert
  • Bike Lab Performance Coach

Jeremy H.

Shop Manager

  • Sales
  • Special Orders
  • Purchaser

Jeremy C.

Lead Mechanic

  • Premium Bicycle Repair
  • Custom Builds
  • Launching NICE in Oklahoma.

Mandy S.

Women's Advocate

  • Sales
  • Women's Community Leader

Jennier W.

Sales and Web Orders

  • Sales and Sparkles
  • Shop Zumba Instructor
  • Gravel Rider!

Carin C.

Sales & Retul Fit

  • Adventure Cycling
  • Finished Several Ironman Triathlons.
  • Retul Fit Training & Coaching
trey and wife

Trey C.

Community Tech 

  • Sales and Service
  • Stonecloud Wizard
  • Bike Lab Hype-Man

Join the Ride

"When I turned 30, like for many of us, I took a step back to see the path my life was going down. I had been in ministry for almost 10 years, starting in Youth Ministry/Young Life, interning at Saddleback Church in Southern California, then landing at Life.Church's Digerati team as their Online Community Manager. During that time I'd focused on career so much I'd neglected my health gaining a lot of weight. 

My boss at Life.Church, Terry, introduced me to cycling and it was life changing. It helped me find a healthy way to be active as an adult. But it also inspired me to keep challenging myself with cycling goals, from bike racing, to creating a culture that helps people find the same opportunity for change. Now my whole family has found their connection to cycling and active living. 

Seven years ago I stepped out of ministry and into helping start The Bike Lab OKC. I'm incredibly proud of the connections we've made. We are thrilled at life change we've seen. And we continue to be humbled with the opportunity we have to introduce people to the challenge, adventure and healthy living that happens when you connect with riding a bike. 

From myself, Mandy my wife, and our four children, we encourage you to Join the Ride!"

- Tony Steward

Owner - The Bike Lab OKC

the bike lab team photo