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June 26th - Bike Coffee Hunt

Are you ready to join the Bike Coffee Hunt? 

We've partnered with four incredible coffee shops around Oklahoma City to give us a great time tasting their coffee, and using our legs to give us chances to win fun prizes. On June 26th you can visit each of these coffee shops, using one of our routes, or your own, to get stamps in your Hunt Passport. At the end of the day, 5pm, at The Bike Lab you can bring your passport to earn entries into the Hunt's Raffle for a variety of prizes!

This is a Hunt you can do one your own, or with a group of your choosing. There isn't one large group you've got to try and keep up with. You can do this with your friends at your pace. 

Okay, so how does this work?

1. Anytime - Get your Passport

Come by The Bike Lab to get your Hunt Passport, or download it below. 

How to Fold your Passport

2. June 26th - Coffee Shops & Stamps

On June 26th set out on your ride to visit the Coffee Shops and get your Stamps!

We've got three routes below to help you and your friends get to all the shops. 

3. June 26th - 5 Pm Raffle Party

After your ride, come to The Bike Lab Patio at 5pm for Drinks and a Raffle. Prizes from the Coffee Shops and The Bike Lab are up for Grabs! Each Stamp you get is an entry into the Raffle. 

(Must be present to get Raffle tickets/Win). 

Which Coffee Stops?

Coffee Slingers


Stella Nova
Crown Heights


Three Routes!

You can use one of these routes below, or your Own. It's up to you!

Rte 66 Park

Rte 66 Park, located on the west side of Lake Overholser is a popular starting point for many bike rides in the OKC area. 

Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes park is located on the south side of Lake Hefner. With roads and trails connecting, its an ideal central location to start your ride. 

One Benham Place

One Benham Place, located off of 235 and Britton Rd is a common East Side spot for groups to head out on a ride.