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Retul Fit Services

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Tony Steward - Retul Certified Fitter

As an avid rider with experience racing Road, MTB and Cyclocross; Tony has informed experience to help you dial in your connection to your bike - no matter what adventure you are chasing down.  

Tony has been doing bicycle fit for 10 years in Oklahoma City and is Oklahoma's only Retul Certified Fitter. 

Retul is the world's most advanced Bike Fitting Technology and Product Matching Company. 

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Retul Basic Fit - $100


  • Contact Point Sizing Assessment
  • Static Adjustments for Seat Height and Position
  • Static Adjustments for Handlebar Reach & Drop
  • Retul 3D Bike Measurement and PDF
  • ** Free with new Bike Purchase

Retul 3D Fit - $300


  • Pre-Fit Assessment of Body Structure, Range of Motion, and Strength
  • Dynamic Retul 3D Motional Capture Bike Measurement of Riding Position
  • Retul 3D Bike Measurement
  • Retul Vantage 3D Riding Position Measurement
  • Fit Assessment PDF with Initial and Final Positions, Summary and Assessment.

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Our Retul Fits are a 90 Day Process

 Retul Followups are Included in the Price of the fit. 

Benefits of a Professional Retul Bike Fit

Retül Bike Fit makes riding more enjoyable by making you more efficient while reducing the chance of injury and increasing comfort on the bike.

That combined with The Bike Lab OKC's friendly, educational process - we start with you and your goals first - and work together to arrive at a position and balance on your bicycle that you will simply love. Our fit's start with an initial appointment that you book below, that also includes Followups in the following 90 days to ensure your new fit is right. 

In fact, we believe in our fitting process so much that we give them a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If we can't help you get into your best position then refund your costs, AND help to refer to a professional that may be able to give you a better result. (It hasn't happened yet, but we are still committed to it!)

Retul Fit Services

Whether you’re on a brand new bike or you’re looking to shave seconds off of your next race time, you can benefit from a professional bike fit. Learn more about our fit services and schedule your appointment today.