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Bike Lab Direct - Your Mobile Bike Shop

We want to bring you our best to your front door and community. Sales, Service and Demo rides can all be coordinated with our Bike Lab Direct schedule. We will also be doing Pop-ups in the OKC community this summer. Coordinating with HOAs, Businesses and more. If you'd like to have us show up for your community or event let us know! (click here)

Otherwise, you can schedule your availability below!

Request Pick-up

Follow the link below to schedule your pick-up. Make sure to fill everything out on the form, and pick a couple of times that can work for you. 

Request Delivery

When your bike is finished you can pick it up in store, or request a delivery. Same as Pick-up, be sure to fill everything out and select a couple of good times. 

A la Carte

Smaller Ticket items we will do right then at pickup. Tire/Tube changes, shifting and brake adjustments and more. Schedule a "Pick-up" and list what you need!