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Black Friday Fundraiser | Small Business Saturday Festival

Black Friday Fundraiser - Featuring Bike Club OKC

Join us this Black Friday where we organize to raise support for Bike Club OKC. Last year we were able to raiser $6,000 which helped to get the fleet bikes to launch a new school with this uplifting after-school program. This year's goal is $10,000 to open another school and help with the new fleet bikes needed that need replaced going into Spring 2024. We recently were able to record a podcast with Alyssa Lutz, president of Bike Club OKC. It's a great listen to learn more about this program and the impact it is having in our community. Check out the ways below to get involved!

1. Pledge Per Mile

Black Friday we will have 16 riders do an 8 hour relay, each riding for 30 minutes seeing how many miles they can ride in support of Bike Club OKC. (Last year was 175!) Here is where you can support their relay and help to raise money for Bike Club OKC!

2. Invite Others

On the Pledge page you can have your own promotion profile. This is what you share to recruit people to raise money for Bike Club OKC. The #1 Promoter gets a 2 Night Stay in Bentonville, AR with some extras thrown in!

3. Cheer On Riders

November 24th, 10am to 6pm,  at The Bike Lab we will have a setup for the riders to chase their miles. We will post a schedule of who is riding when so you can come and cheer them on!

(We run the relay using popular indoor riding App Zwift. Each rider puts their bike on the indoor Wahoo Trainer at the shop to ride their 30 minutes.)