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We Buy Bikes!

Get a value on your bike and then two programs to help you sell your Used Bike. 

1. For bikes with a general purpose and lower price range,  we can often buy the bike from you outright. 

2. For bikes that have a more specific purpose and higher value our Consignment Program hits the Resell Sweetspot!

The Resell Price Sweetspot

When you go to trade-in your High-End bicycle at places like Bicycle Blue Book or Pros Closet, the value they are willing to give you is usually pretty disappointing. And in today's environment it can be a tedious process to sell your bike third party, answering the questions that come up, shipping it out, etc.

That is where the Bike Lab Consignment process steps in! 

The value you keep from your bicycle with our program lands right in the middle of the Trade-in Value and the Third Party Resell Value. You keep more of your bike's value, and have the convenience of Bike Lab Staff selling your bike with our Services and Options.

1. Assess

Check-in your bike to our Service Department. We do a Valuation and Qualified Check of your Bicycle. 

2. Accept

Based on Condition and Value of the bike you'll either be offered a price for the Bike Lab to purchase your bike from you, or an offer to be in our Consignment Program. 

3. Featured

Your bike will be featured on our Sales Floor and Website, and be sold with the same proven process Bike Lab Staff uses with our new bikes. 

4. Get Paid

After your bike sells you will get the Agreed upon price listed in your Consignment Contract. 

Qualified Check Over

When you bike is first checked in our Service Department will check over your bike and make sure it is safe and ready to be sold. There are certain parts that if worn greatly affects the price the bike can be sold at, specifically Bartape, Tires, Saddle and Drivetrain Components. If those parts are recommended they will need to be replaced to be accepted into the program.

Based on Condition of the Bike some bikes may not be accepted into the Bike Lab Consignment Program. *There is no cost if bike isn’t accepted.

Consignment Price & Program Renewal

In the Consignment Contract there will be a guaranteed Consignment Price you should expect to receive after the bike is sold. That is generally around 70-80% of the Retail Price we will offer on the bike at the Bike Lab.
If your bike doesn’t sell after 60 days and you want it to remain in the Consignment Program it will be a $50 fee for every 30 days.