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Why Ride Electric?

Get Positive with Electric Bikes

The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and it's time to get outside. Take a ride on an electric bike and experience positive energy while you enjoy the day. Take the bike path or the trail - with pedal-assist, it's all an easy ride. Watch the miles and worries fly away.

Arrive Sweat-Free

Arrive Sweat-Free

Electric bikes employ a system known as pedal-assist. This means that the motor gives you an added boost as you pedal, amplifying your efforts. Top speeds can be as much as 28 mph with minimum effort. Cruise past traffic and climb up hills with relative ease.

Charge Where You Ride

Charge Where You Ride

Most electric bike batteries, when fully charged, can last up to 40 miles, depending on the riding conditions. Many batteries charge in as little as 3 hours, making it easy for you to refuel your ride during your workday.

Features vary between models - visit us to learn more and choose the model that works best for your cycling needs.


Specialized designs e-Bikes that are “You, Only Faster.” And they do it with a fully integrated Specialized e-Bike Technology System. Specialized e-Bikes are incredibly smooth and powerful, have near-silent motors, premium Li-Ion batteries, and superior connectivity solutions.


Turbos feature the smoothest, quietest, and most powerful motors in its class. They’re designed to give you an amplified, yet natural feeling ride that makes you forget you’re on an e-Bike.


Specialized batteries have best-in-class battery range. They feature modern and premium Li-Ion cells, sophisticated charging solutions, and a smart Battery Management System that ensures an equal charge / discharge of the cells for the longest possible battery lifetime.


It’s super easy to connect your bike via ANT+ and/or Bluetooth®, whether it’s to Specialized's Mission Control App, their Turbo Connect Display (TCD), or other third-party displays, devices, or apps.


The Specialized Mission Control App sets Turbo apart. Smart Control lets you adjust motor support, while Tune allows you to adjust motor characteristics, like acceleration response and mode settings. Diagnosis provides you with an immediate overview of your motor & battery, while Ride can record your rides, analyze them, and automatically upload those to popular third-party platforms like STRAVA®.

Try One Today!

Experience pedal-assist for yourself when you test ride today. Our friendly staff can help you find the right e-bike. All you have to do is ride.

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