Rides & Events

Join the Ride with Oklahoma City's Most Active Bike Shop!

We love riding bikes, plain and simple. Where riding to a coffee shop with friends, a group fitness ride on country roads, or a Mountain Bike Race - you will find the Bike Lab crew out and about almost every day of the week. Here are some of the Rides and Events to Join the Ride!

Weekly Rides (Year Round):

Monday 6pm - Road 28 Miles / 18mph Pace

This ride happens every week, 12 months a year. Start and Finish from The Bike Lab OKC it rides east and carries a very steady endurance road pacing. No big surges and some of the prettiest roads to be found around Oklahoma City. 

Monday 6pm - Ladies Only

During the Summer we have our Ladies Only Group Ride that start/finishes from The Bike Lab. 

Thursday 6pm - Road 35 Miles / 21mph Pace

Our fastest ride of the week, Thunder Thursday is a up tempo ride with two sections that are all out. We do a full stop regroup after each fast section for 3-4 minutes before carrying on. Drinks and Picnic Table hangout after ride.