Retul Bike Fit Services


Basic Fits: Our Basic Fits focus on getting your bicycle match up to you based upon well established standards for the four contact point adjustments that are possible. Seat height, Seat Fore/Aft, Handlebar Reach and Handlebar Drop. 

Basic Road/MTB Bicycle Fit - $75 (Aero/Tri $125)
Starting with the Retul Match Podium Assessment, we get a starting seat height, Foot and Arch Profile, and Saddle Recommendations. Then with your own bike we make the necessary adjustments to get you matched to your bike for comfort, balance and enjoyment. 

Basic with MUVE SL: $125 (Aero/Tri: $175)
Including everything from the Basic Fit, this uses a Premium Fit Bike, the RETUL MUVE. This allows for us to quickly adjust your fit options to specifically dial into a great bike setup. This is also our Fit for Custom Bikes, or Online Bike Orders, for when you want to be sure you are getting the perfect size bike, and components, for your dream bike. 

RETUL Fits: Our Retul Fits matches a widely Proven Fit Methodology with Best in Class Fit Technology to give you the most custom, and specific bike and bike gear setup possible. 

Retul Premium Bike Fit:  $200 (Tri/Aero $250)
This fit starts with a 35 point Retul Physical Pre-Assement and Rider Interview, Maps the Foot and Arch, and Saddle setup. Then it uses either the rider's own bicycle, or the Retul MUVE SL, based on what's preferred, to make necessary adjustments. Does a Z/Plane series of adjustments for Knee Stability, Stance Width, Hip Mobility, and Foot Position. This is a full 360 degree analysis, and series of bike fit adjustments giving you a highly customized Bike Fit. 

Retul 3-D Motion Capture Vantage Bike Fit: $299 (Tri/Aero: $350) (Coming Soon)

This includes everything from the Retul Premium Fit, but uses the Retul Vantage motion capture technology. This allows for a DYNAMIC bike fit, seeing your connection with your bike while in motion to fully capture the best options for adjustments and riding style. It doesn't get any better then this!


Getting the right fit for you and your bike makes a huge difference. Not only does it help stabilize and address any pain or discomfort on the bike, a proper Body Geometry FIT has been shown to make you more powerful on the bike. This kind of experience helps provide a long-lasting love affair with cycling.

What makes your fit services different than what I see offered at my local bike shop?

Our years of experience and training in every discipline of cycling at every level. It’s the person fitting you and the attention to detail that results in your proper fit to your bike, for the type of riding you wish to do.

We have combined that experience with professional training from Fit industry leader Specialized and their Body Geometry FIT method and process – developed by world leader in sports science and bicycle fit Dr. Andy Pruitt.

This takes you through a thorough process looking at your goals, riding style, flexibility, body alignment, strength and more to help dial in a truly customized fit on your bike.

Many shops will put you on the bike right away, but that is mostly guess work using very general guidelines. Check out the video below for an idea of what the experience will be with our Body Geometry Fit:

How much time will it take?

A proper BG fitting and adjustment can take up to two hours. However, we do work hard and efficiently to get you fitted to your bike correctly with an average time of two hours or less.

Who does the fit?

Tony Steward is our Body Geometry Technician that run the fits at The Bike Lab OKC. He has done 400+ fits the past few years and is one of the most sought over Bike Fitters in Oklahoma. Trained at Specialized’s headquarters on the method of Body Geometry as well as the biomechanics involved – they can help get you stronger and more comfortable on the bike. 

Can changes to my bike me made before I leave?

Yes, almost always. Replacing cleats, exchanging handlebars, or installing new equipment inevitably takes time, but we can’t be sure the fit is perfect without seeing you on it, so we like to get it done while you take a short break.