Specialized and Cannondale

We started in 2012 with only Specialized, now in 2018 we are adding Cannondale. Always our focus and goal is to provide you the most Innovative, High Quality, Tremendous Value products here at The Bike lab OKC.  Specialized and Cannondale are both innovators that aren't trying to copy the rest of the industry - but to lead it. We are thrilled to offer their line up of bicycles, acessories, and components to help you gain access to any style of riding, recreation and fitness that riding a bicycle can offer!

Our Shop is full of our best recommendationS



We love Skratch Labs, they've set a precedent of all natural - easy on the gut - products that has helped to center our nutritional theme. That includes RX Bars, Untapped Maple, Honey Stinger, Bonk Breakers, and First Endurance products. We want to offer you the best of the different kinds and formats of cycling nutrition for any adventure you are going on. 


Filling in the Gaps

From fenders to baskets, bells and locks, Feedback Tools, Kuat and Saris Racks, Zipp Wheels, Orange Seal and Stans Tubeless items, and more - we've got the best options for any kind of riding here at the shop.