Welcome, Canndonale!

After 6 years we are finally bringing in our second bike brand to The Bike Lab OKC - so obviously we didn't rush it. When we looked at what would continue to add Value, Quality, and Performance to the options in the shop Cannondale made it to the top of our list. 

There is a lot of the cycling industry that, frankly, is chasing after another core innovator Specialized, our main shop brand. We wanted to bring something along side them that was innovating on it's own terms, not copying. We wanted a brand that had high performance per dollar. We wanted a brand that it's riders loved their bikes and the experiences they'd had with them. 

And, we wanted a Brand that was committed to American Riders and Racing from the Grassroots up to the World Tour. Cannondale checks those boxes for us, we are proud to announce that we are a Cannondale Dealer in OKC. 

We've got many of their bicycles already built up and in Stock!

We are thrilled to add this new option, and level of support to your experience at The Bike Lab OKC. We know you are going to love what you find here. 

Live the Ride, Ride to Live. 

Tony Steward
Owner - The Bike Lab OKC