The Most Important Cycling Gear for Oklahoma's Cold Weather and First Freeze!

There are a lot of options of what to wear when the temperature starts to crash, but you want to keep riding here in Oklahoma. Managing the wind and airflow through your clothes is important, but when you really start to bundle up there isnn't anything as important as a great Winter Baselayer. 

A baselayer does a super-human job of holding in warmth, and as you build warmth and sweat it STAYS warm and doesn't get you into those sweaty/chills. It's the most dynamic, yet simple piece of gear that can help you ride in all seasons as a cyclists. 

Specialized does a great job with their Baselayers. Simple, Technical, Cycling Fit (so they feel right when riding vs standing), and Merino Wool based, so they don't stink after a ride. 

You don't want to have that after-ride MUSK get in the way of great post ride coffee at Wholeshot?!

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Tony Steward
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