Bike Lab Juniors

Racing Bikes as a Kid/Junior has a lot of hurdles. Our hope is that our community of Parent's and Kids in our Junior program can make that easier for those that are interested. 

This Junior Program is a combination of Seminar's for Parents, Rides for Juniors, and Community around the Bike Racing Events in Oklahoma. 

We have Juniors that engage in all three cycling disciplines of Mountain Biking, Road Cycling and Cyclocross. And in the midst of those season we help to figure out the gearing, signing up, and competing for Juniors a part of the Bike Lab Program. 



Group Events

Through out the year we have Parent Meetings and Group Rides that can help to connect youth riders with each other, and get the right info to Parents on all it takes to get into racing. At races we also setup Tent's and a meeting area so we can all "group-tackle" helping our Juniors get ready for their events, and cheering them on as they ride! If you are interested in our Junior Program then please use the contact form below: 

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