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Wilier Triestina Cento10 SL - Ultegra DI2 - RS171
Increased innovation, total integration The Cento10 SL is the perfect aerodynamic racing bike for athletes like you who are looking for maximum speed in an elegant, sleek bike at a competitive price. This Wilier’s bike offers the choice of mechanical or electronic transmission, and the safety of modern disc brakes.
Wilier Triestina Cento10 Pro Disc Ultegra - Medium
$7,499.00 $8,500.00 12% Off
Cento10PRO Disc is the version of Wilier's flagship road racing model Cento10AIR. Now 6% stiffer, Cento10PRO Disc is the ultimate high-performing, aerodynamic, and super-reactive racing machine. The sophisticated design of the head tube, combined with the special shape of the headset bearings, makes it possible to internally route up to three cables. These three cables go inside the head tube via the Alabarda that houses the gear and brake cables and guides them with the correct angle into the head tube. When using an electronic group, everything is internal, leaving the Cento10PRO Disc with an extremely clean look. Just as with the triathlon and TT bike, Wilier Turbine, the Cento10PRO was developed according to the NACA-Low-Speed rules. These rules are aeronautically-derived algorithms that make it possible to size the tubes of the frame to provide the maximum possible aerodynamic efficiency. Another important aerodynamic concept that is combined with the NACA algorithms is the KAMM theory. Indeed all profiles have a truncated tail. This solution makes it possible to reduce weight and increase the torsional stiffness, all without affecting the aerodynamic efficiency of the tube itself. Cento10PRO Disc is designed for flat-mount disc brakes with thru-axle, 160mm rotor in the front, and 140mm in the rear. The fork and rear triangle have ample clearance to use up to 30mm tires.
Wilier Triestina Filante SLR - Ultegra DI2 - Vision Trimax
$8,699.00 $9,299.00 6% Off
The new master in the art of aero The natural evolution of our high-end aerodynamic bike used by professionals. Filante SLR is an extremely lightweight aerodynamic bicycle with a significantly improved stiffness-to-weight ratio. We used the same materials and technology as in the construction of the Wilier 0 SLR. The result is a top-of-the-range, aerodynamic frame that complements our pure ascent bike used by the Astana Qazaqstan Team.
Wilier Triestina Rave SLR Force AXS - NDR38
Expect the unexpected Travelling new roads is not just an attitude. It can also become the target for someone who has been making bicycles for since 1906. With Rave SLR we have set our sights on new horizons, creating a product with two separate souls, perfect for all-road, perfect for gravel, but the same incredible racing inclination. Rave SLR will be a new cycling experience, unexpected for many. (This model has the All-Road build with Force AXS 2x and a road stem and handlebar).
Wilier Triestina Granturismo SLR - Ultegra Di2 - Vision Trimax
The pleasure of long-distance rides. Granturismo SLR is a racing bike designed to bring out the utmost performance and comfort. With Granturismo SLR you will be able to travel long distances, minimizing postural stress thanks to the special endurance geometries and to the ACTIFLEX 2.0 system, a renewed version of the rear micro-shock absorber developed in 2017 for the Cento10 NDR.
Wilier Triestina 0 SLR - D.ACEDI2 - TRIMAX
$9,999.00 $10,999.00 9% Off
Nothing will be the same Wilier 0 SLR is the first ultra-lightweight racing bike with disc brakes and fully integrated cables. Wilier 0 SLR encapsulates the most complex concepts of lightness and total integration in simple aesthetics. These are the features the most demanding cyclists seek in the most technologically advanced racing bikes: ultra lightweightedness, high-speed stability and control, braking performance, electronic transmission, high aerodynamics and full cable integration. All condensed in Wilier’s unmistakable style.
$14,999.00 $15,999.00 6% Off
Hybrid Philosophy, Wilier Triestina Performance It’s hard to believe that this bike hides a system providing electric pedal assist. Yet, it does. Filante Hybrid is an electric road bike that integrates the lightest pedal assist system in the world: the new X20 motor by Mahle, a German multinational that is driving technological innovation toward zero-impact mobility. Filante Hybrid was designed with a very specific objective: to help you go faster while minimizing strain. By combining the new Mahle X20 system with everything we know about aerodynamic efficiency and by using composite materials, we have raised even further the performance of the Cento10 Hybrid, a product that has won major international awards over the seasons. An overall improvement in energy savings of practically 8%. Improved battery management and greater integration for better aerodynamics, lighter weight and better performance.
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