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Retul 3-D Motion Capture Vantage Bike Fit: $300

Our Retul Fit utilizes the best bicycle fitting technology on the planet, the Retul Vantage/LED Motion Capture system and V7 Software. This records everything gained from a Pre-Fit Assessment done with your Fit Professional. Then LED Markers are placed on your key joints and we use the Retul technology the map your Functional Body position and movement on your bicycle. 

Retul Sizing - $100
In our Retul Sizing we make sure you've got the right setup to begin enjoy your bicycle. The Retul Sizing Includes: 

  • Seat Height Placement

  • Seat Fore/Aft Position Placement

  • Sit Bone Check and Saddle Sizing

  • Foot Structure Measurement and Footbed Sizing

  • Bar Rotation and Lever Position


Getting the right fit for you and your bike makes a huge difference. Not only does it help stabilize and address any pain or discomfort on the bike, a proper Retul Fit has been shown to make you more powerful on the bike. This kind of experience helps provide a long-lasting love affair with cycling.

How much time will it take?

A proper Retul fitting and adjustment can take up to two hours. However, we do work hard and efficiently to get you fitted to your bike correctly with an average time of two hours or less.

Who does the fit?

Tony Steward is our Retul Fit Professional that run the fits at The Bike Lab OKC. He has done 600+ fits the past few years and is one of the most sought after Bike Fitters in Oklahoma. The past 5 years Tony has taken all four week long Specialized Fit Training Classes: Fit Level 1, Fit Level 2, Fit Level 3 and Retul Technology Fit. The teaching staff at Specialized are the same ones that travel across the world to Professional Cyclists on Specialized Sponsored Teams. They spend time dialing in their Podium Hunting and 3-peat World Championship Earning riders. 

Can changes to my bike me made before I leave?

Yes, almost always. Replacing cleats, exchanging handlebars, or installing new equipment inevitably takes time, but we canā€™t be sure the fit is perfect without seeing you on it, so we like to get it done while you take a short break.