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The Bike Lab OKC - Service Membership

With our Service Membership you get everything you need for Service and Fit every year at a major discount! Each year with your membership you have access to:

  • Unlimited Flat Changes
  • Unlimited Bike Wipe down and Chain Lube
  • Unlimited Braking and Shifting Adjustments
  • 1x Seasonal Bicycle Tuneups ($125 Value) 
  • 1x Retul Vantage Fit ($300 value)

The Membership is for you, not a particular bike. You can use your options as needed for your bikes

Terms of Service Membership Contact
By clicking the submit button on the PAYMENT PAGE you agree to stay with this subscription for at least 12 months. Early cancellation has a Fee which is simply what you've paid in Service Membership minus the Standard Costs of the services you've already used.


Service Packages

Check Over Tune Up $69.99

Basic Adjustments and a Thorough Evaluation of Bikes Condition and Operation.

  • Bike Polish and Wheel Wipe down
  • Shifting & Braking Adjustments
  • Handlebar Tape Install
  • Inspection of Drivetrain and Braking Wear, Bolt Spec and Diagnostic. 
  • (Any Parts, Accessories, or Components are Extra.)


Seasonal Tune up $139.99

Our most popular option covers a wide setup of Adjustments and Inspection.

  • Bike Polish and Wheel Wipe down
  • Drivetrain Clean
  • Shifting & Braking Adjustments
  • True and Tension Wheels
  • Adjust Front & Rear Wheel Hubs
  • Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • Headset and Pivot Bearings
  • Inspection of Drivetrain Component Wear, Bolt Spec and Diagnostic.
  • Tubes, Sealant and Cables & Housing Included.
  • (Any Parts, Accessories or Components are Extra.)


Annual Pro Tune Up $299.99

This advanced Tune up breaks the bike completely down and does a Like New Overhaul on your Bicycle.

  • Complete Dis-assembly of Bike Down to Frame.
  • Wash, Inspect and Polish Bare Frame. Industrial Parts Bath for all Drivetrain Components. + Shifting & Braking. Adjustments (Brake Bleed/Cables Included).
  • De-greasing & Re-Greasing of Bearings.
  • True and Tension Wheels.
  • Overhaul Front & Rear Wheel Hubs.
  • Inspection of Drivetrain and Component Wear.
  • Bolt Spec and Diagnostic.
  • Tubes, Sealant and Cables Included.
  • (Any Parts, Accessories or Components are Extra.)


BMX/Single Speed $39.99


Wheel True $19.99

Wheel Build $59.99

Bleed Brakes $24.99

Adjust Brakes $14.99

Shock Treatment Fork Overhaul $75

Rear Shock Seal Service $40

Overhaul Wheel Hub $25


Drive Train Clean $49.99
A degrease of the chain rings, chain, rear cassette and pulley wheels.

Bike Wash $39.99

In our bike wash bay we use a light soap and fully clean your bike from top to bottom.

DriveTrain Clean & Bike Wash $69.99
A degrease of the items above and a wipe down of the bike.

Derailleur Adjustment $17.99
We check alignment, tension, cable, hanger for proper shifting. 

Install Chain $14.99