Bike Lab Performance

Find the Training, Clinics and 1-1 Coaching you need to tackle your goals.

Bike Lab Performance is the wing of The Bike Lab OKC that focuses on the Training Events, Seminars, Skill Clinics and 1-1 Coaching that can elevate your riding and open new doors of achievement and experience. 

Our 1-1 Coaching is a membership service that has created National Champions, Amateur Podiums, and seen many goals of Personal Achievement with our riders. We take a science informed, real-life expectation approach to our 1-1 coaching, looking at all real life stress along with Fitness Training, and coming up with a personalized plan that is doable, aiming high, and building motivation throughout. Training and only achieving BURNOUT is no way to live. Our highest goal is for your love of cycling to deepen while you chase your goals, not to hate the bike because of them.