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We love hearing from qualified people.

To apply online, please answer the questions below and click the "Submit" button at the bottom to forward this application to us. We'll review it and be in touch if we feel that you would be a good fit. Thanks for your interest in joining our team!

But First - Core Values

Along with the questions below, were are passionate about our Core Values here at The Bike Lab. The define the culture we want and how we want to work in the OKC Bike Community. Review them to see if they line up with a place you want to be, and if you exhibit these values yourself. 

Mission of Service: We’re always there to help and wow our customers - whether it’s staying late to walk through a sale or service need at 6:01 PM or lending a hand at cycling events, demonstrating our genuine, limitless commitment to support anytime, anywhere.

Enthusiasm: Fueled by our love for our customers, their bikes, and the challenges ahead, we wholeheartedly support every rider’s journey, keeping a positive outlook and never speaking ill of any rider, bike quality, or industry partner, no matter their skill, budget, or lifestyle.

Servant Minded: Our instinct to help - whether holding doors, aiding friends, or stopping rides to assist someone - guides us daily, reflecting our genuine commitment to support our customers AND team members at every opportunity.

Commitment to Mastery: In the dynamic world of bicycles and e-bikes, we’re committed to mastering their maintenance and use, continually enhancing our skills to better serve our customers and establish our shop as a trusted, problem-solving resource.

Living the Bike Life: Biking deeply influences our identity and lifestyle; while not our only passion, it’s a vital way we engage with the world.


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Thank You!

Thanks very much for filling out and submitting an application. We'll be in touch if you qualify for a position with us. (Be sure to click the Submit Form button below so that we receive your application.)