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Local Rides & Clubs

OKC Velo Bike Lab Club

We’re dedicated to building a cycling community where people can belong. Additionally, we’re committed to providing local cycling experiences through group rides, clinics, and races.

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Monday Night Ride (6pm @ The Bike Lab)

The Monday Night ride has been going on for almost 10 years! We love this ride and our friends we get to see each week. This is a 28 mile route with a combination of Hills and Flat sections.

Ride Alert

We will have this ride in Ride Alert app as well for any updates on weather, etc.

Thunder Thursday (6pm @ The Bike Lab)

This is our fast training ride of the week. Show up for a challenge with steady tempo and two great hot zones. At 3 miles and 7 miles, these hotzones will test your fitness and ability to stay with the group and slug it out to the end. 

At the end of each Hot Zone the group fully stops and waits for everyone to catch back up.

This is a 35 mile route that will have 20+mph

Saturday Jones Ride (7am @ The Bike Lab)

This is the classic weekend Shop Ride. It takes a 45 mile loop out to Jones, Ok and even has a couple spirited 1 mile hot zones in it to get your wiggles out. 

Paced will have averaged 18-19 mph  the ride, and it gets back to the Bike Lab before 10am. 

(There is also usually a long option that splits off for a total 62 mile route). 

Community Partners

StoneCloud Brewing

We are thrilled to have a partner like StoneCloud Brewing for our work in and through the community. A Local Oklahoma City Brewery that was born out of owner Joel spending a decade refining his craft in Colorado - you won’t find a bad beer on their menus. They are all hitters!

Come on by the Bike Lab anytime we we will have a cold one ready for you, especially after our Group Rides, Mountain Bike Events or even just New Bike Day.

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Other Great Community Rides

HideandGoBike (Thursdays)

This rolling bike party starts from Mesta Park in OKC approximately at 6:30, it can change through the year. With nearly 100 people at each ride you will see every style and kind of rider just having fun. Each ride has a different route that hits OKC landmarks, parks, and food trucks. We LOVE this ride and will be at it all year long!


Guthrie Bike Night (Thursdays 6:30)

Perfecting the Gravel Party Pace one ride at a time, Guthrie Bike night is a fun Gravel experience for any ability. Some push it a little and go a further distance, others a little short and still have a blast. With regroups and good people, this is a sure win Gravel ride.


Oklahoma Bicycle Society

The Oklahoma Bicycle Society has a range of rides and events that are great for riders of every level and ability. A very welcoming community, we recommend getting connected and riding with these good people.

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