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Tony S. - Owner

Owner and ambassador of the Bike Lab and its values into OKC, Tony is always on the move in the Oklahoma community. 

Rusty G. - General Manager

Combing years of professional Retail experience and a passion for cycling, Rusty is the General Manager for the Bike Lab. 

Zach & Dustin - Mechanics

A great bike shop can only exist with capable Mechanics that have an eye for detail and a passion to get you out and riding again. Finding parts, putting upgrades together or getting your bike up and riding again - these guys have you covered. 

Podcast with Dustin

Podcast with Zach

Mandy S. - Women’s Ambassador

Mandy helps to lead the Bike Lab Women’s riding community. If you would like to get connected click below!

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Valerie M. - Community Outreach

Community Outreach is a top value for the Bike Lab and Valerie his a PRO at keeping us on track and connected with our riders. 

We Run on EOS

At The Bike Lab, we embrace the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) principles, streamlining our operations to enhance your cycling experience. This globally-proven approach helps us focus on six key aspects, ensuring a seamless, enjoyable journey from selecting your bike to after-sales service. Join our community and experience the simplicity and clarity that sets us apart in the world of cycling.

The Bike Lab - What we Value


We have a positive drive towards life and all its experiences. Any bike our customer is riding is a great bike and we are excited to help you connect with it or fun new options.


We can get it done, even if we start out knowing how. 

Servant Minded

Our instincts are to serve and care for the people in our lives. 

Mission of Service

We are excited to serve our customers above and beyond regular expectations, and to Wow them no matter what it takes. 


Let’s be honest, bike shops can be intimidating. All the gear, new language, fitness dynamic it an often feel like you need to know everything to walk in. We are very passionate about connecting with you at your level and highly value the steps it takes as a new rider to connect with bikes. Come on by anytime and let us see how we can help you best. 

Bicycle Lifestyle

We highly value having people working at the shop that have their own connection with riding a bicycle as a part of their lifestyle. Getting more butts on bikes is something we are all passionate about because of how it’s changed our lives for the better.